We Are Searchers – Featured Band


We Are Searchers is a consisting of Banjo, Mandolin, fiddle, Bass, and drums. We are searchers core members Josh Williams and Shain Mayer have been best friends since 5th grade. They have always strived to compose and preform music. The sound has always been Americana with an edge and only in the last 5 years has it become more traditional sounding in the realm of Roots, old timey, and outlaw country sounds. Preforming traditional songs like Blue Diamond mine, along with mostly originals written by Josh and Shain. Covering songs like Let me Die in my footsteps, and the Man in Me by Bob Dylan, to Alice and Chains ‘Rooster and the Pixies, how i went so far even songs like Wilco’s, Hummingbird. .

The style is unique and reminds one of the desert and the music of can come and go in a flash to be forgotten yet always finds a place in the listeners ear they recall hearing before. Shain and Josh are not professional musicians but have always been playing since the early 90’s. Even had a time when they lived in the old Meatpuppet house in Tempe and actually got comments from Kris Kirkwood who would peak his head over the fence and gives us comments on the acoustic sound.

Josh has a solid and soulful voice that is hard to reproduce and many people will get drawn in right away by the force of such a voice. Shain been playing the tenor banjo for only 4 years and it has become his instrument both in song writing and on stage performance. People get drawn in by that old claw-hammer sound. New member Brian Quante plays fiddle and jaw harp prefectly for the sounds they write and has provided many old tradistional, unknown songs to Josh and Shain. Making him a prefect fit. Chris Achilles has ben playing drums for well over 15 years and this is his first all original band. Bass has been played by Josh Williams for the recordings, but for live shows we have gone with a few different players and have not settled for the right one yet.

Our 2012 unreleased album is call The Flatiron Sessions, as we recorded and produced it themselves in Shain’s home way out in Apache Jct. Its simple music but comes off sounding more complex because of the sudograss style of playing and pickin. It has a down home feel and will remind you of a new but forgotten time.

The only videos they have are from the most recent show at the Yucca tap room which you can find at this link:

Please visit our soundcloud sets produced by Shain at these links: