T12 Exclusive Music Review: Rug

Music is everywhere. It’s in our cars, in our phones, in our computers, in the gym, at restaurants, and even piped into town squares occasionally. But how often do you really realize the music playing around you? We’ve become used to music being everywhere; it’s almost a white noise of Rihanna’s cake cake cake cake and Flo Rida’s rehashed ‘80s melodies over synthy computer sounds that we only notice when they’re not playing.


Rug, a band from Orlando, Florida is a bit different. In fact, they’re very different. This is a band you should listen to when they come on. Rug has just debuted their sophomore album 02 and, well, it’s definitely worth listening to. Listening to a band with a very trademark noise is always an interesting adventure. Think of one of those bands that when their album ended you thought “Well crap. What do I listen to now?” Rug’s album starts off almost on a Kings of Leon note with their first single for the album Winnebago. Jon Messeroff, Rug’s vocalist, sounds so reminiscent that if this album was next on your list after KOL you might not notice the difference at first.

But as similar as the sound begin, Rug does sort of what you wish Kings of Leon did, which is be exciting. Rug isn’t a boring band, and their well composed, thought out songs reflect that. Winnebago is a great combination of a known noise and a new band’s signature style.

Rug almost baits you in with a sound you recognize and educates you on their ways as you listen to the new album. The third song on the record, ’61, begins to reflect what the band really stands for with a unique sound and vocals that stay on target for the rest of the album, but the band kicks it up with the next song, Something Ordinary.

Something Ordinary has a super catchy beat and a melody that will have you humming along easily. The song’s full sound and chugging beat will definitely keep you interested for what I think is the best song on the album Leave It Up to Science. LIUTS is one of those songs that does everything you imagine the song should. If you were to sit at your desk and air band this song exactly how you wanted to it would probably follow suit perfectly. And I like a song like that.

For me, Arms & Legs is the next stand out song. As one of the final songs on the album, the band having pulled you this far into the album, the song gives you a crash course on Rug. Strong vocals, high pitched, interesting guitars, and complicated drums keep this song as another favorite on the album and reflects the personality of the band very well. I’ve honestly been sitting around thinking about what to compare this band to and aside from the intermittent Kings of Leon noise; I really think they’ve found their own.

02 is available now from Rug on iTunes (click this link to listen), Facebook, and their website Rugtheband.com. So if you’re tired of Rihanna being your white noise, give your ears a break and play something awesome instead.