Beta State






***Beta State has been getting consistent radio play on San Francisco’s Live 105 and has been featured on their website several times for Live 105 sponsored shows. Including BFD2011 and Not So Silent Night 2011.

***Beta State got a write up on Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park’s blog. Read the write-up here:

***Beta State’s video for “I’m Still Alive” was played on FUSE TV On Demand for the entire month of December 2010! Beta State was also featured on their website for that month as well. They have worked with production company Element 151 on two more music videos for “I Will Remember You” and “Stars”.

***Beta State was featured on E! Networks “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on the episode where Kris Humphries proposes to Kim Kardashian.

***Beta State was featured on MTV’s “Road Rules Challenge: Rivals”

***Beta State did an 11-week nation wide college radio campaign. They charted CMJ #12 most added album for all of college radio the week of 12/7/10.

***Beta State worked with producer Erik Ron (Panic at the Disco, D.R.U.G.S., The Academy Is…, Saosin) on their follow up to their debut album “Stars” titled #FRIENDSHIP. It was released in December of 2011

Bands we have supported:
Green Day
Mumford and Sons
Florence + The Machine
Young The Giant
Linkin Park
The Strokes
Neon Trees
Airborne Toxic Event
Cage The Elephant
Bad Religion
Foster The People
Manchester Orchestra
The Limousines

Long story short:

Ex-members of Strata parted ways to form new projects. Singer Eric Victorino formed The Limousines (Danger Bird Records) and guitarist Ryan Hernandez and drummer Adrian Robison ventured off to form Beta State with friend and bassist Justin Kastner.

Beta State spent about a year auditioning vocalists until they found the very talented Matt McDonald. Once their lineup was complete, they finished writing and recording their debut album “Stars”.

Some have called our style of music “Spaghetti Rock”, due to the fast, frantic strumming of the guitar. When mixed with delay and reverb, that fast strumming of the guitar sounds like an ambient choir in the vain of “Explosions In The Sky”. Basically, our guitar player is playing so fast to get that ambient string/choir sound that his hands look like spaghetti noodles.

The ambient influence of U2 and Coldplay is apparent on a first listen, as guitarist Ryan Hernandez sets the mood with lush delays and reverb, reminiscent of underground art-rock kings Dredg. Once the band kicks in, the rock sound comes full circle, bringing influences such as 30 Seconds To Mars, Angels and Airwaves, and Jimmy Eat World to the table. Matt McDonald’s vocals soar and lend a positive message of hope, love, and self discovery. McDonald’s vocal power is apparent in every song, and the finished material has a sound all it’s own, with heartfelt lyrics and explosive songwriting that resonate beyond genres and trends with people of all ages.

Matt McDonald – Vocals
Ryan Hernandez – Guitar
Justin Kastner – Bass
Adrian Robison – Drums

#Friendship (December 2011):
1) Start A Clean Slate
2) Stronger Than Gravity
3) When I’m Too Weak To Know
4) Carry You
5) Into The Lights
6) Human

Bjork Cover (January 2012)
1) Unravel

Stars (September 2010):
1) I’m Still Alive (getting airplay by Live 105, San Francisco, CA)
2) A Place To Call My Own
3) If You Sleep Too Long
4) Right Here With You
5) You Don’t Belong
6) Stars
7) In Between The Truth And The Trees
8) I Believe
9) Take Back Your Confidence
10) When You’re Gone
11) I Will Remember You