Top 5 Douchebag Signs!




Here are the Top 5 douchebag signs that you should caution for yourself and your friends. Because as much as we think we aren’t…chances are you just might show signs that you are without even noticing it.


5. USING BIG WORDS TO SOUND SMART. Ok, so you want to turn on the charm during the interview, we get it. But it’s at the social events with friends where finding something “egregious” or ”malignant” might really piss people off. Having a big vocabulary is fine if you actually do…but please leave the SAT words for an essay. SOLUTION: Just say it like it is.


4. FORMAL ATTIRE…EVERYWHERE. Dressing to impress doesn’t mean wearing the Polo Cardigan and suede shoes during a run to a grocery store. If you are going to The Hamptons sure, but everyday shouldn’t be a GQ magazine cover…keep dressing out of touch with your friends and you might just be alone with an issue. SOLUTION: Just keep it casual when it needs to be.


3. PLAYING THE SECOND FATHER. No, no, no. If you find yourself saying this to your friends about every devious stunt they try to pull chances are you are a poor sport. If you are not “about that life” go some where else. It’s nothing like the guy at the party who doesn’t know how to have a good time. SOLUTION: Loosen up, or shut up.


2. THE SOPHISTICATED WANNABE. Yes, eat your Snicker’s with a fork and knife. Try to request a different fork for your salad at Chilli’s…but if you attempt to do this in public…you will be doing this alone. Great class and etiquette is fine, but don’t go overboard at the wrong damn time. SOLUTION: Go with the flow, and take it easy.


1. THE FEAR OF LOSING THE CAREER YOU HAVE YET TO GET.  No, your boss will not see every picture you have on Facebook (hopefully). No, going to this party will not end any potential hiring chance you have…and the sky is also not falling. People who take themselves this seriously is the ultimate douchebag. As much as we all care about what we don’t have control over, don’t ever take it this far. SOLUTION: Realize that you are not the President and realize it again.