Top 5 Signs She Might Stalk You!

Here are the Top 5 signs she might stalk you! Because as much as you think you like a tease…it’s not just some things that might be a turn on for the worst.

5. THE HOUR-BY-HOUR TEXTER. You just met her a few days ago and she is already texting your phone more than you re-charge it. It’s okay to ask someone how the day is going…but nothing much is changing from 2pm to 2:30pm to 3pm on a weekday. SOLUTION: Tell her you are busy, and if she doesn’t take the hint…block.


4. THE SOCIAL NETWORK ENTHUSIAST. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be resourceful but they can be too much when someone wants to document and tag every moment they have with you. It’s cool when a girl says she is on a date, but clicking to 30 posts in your notifications box is a problem. SOLUTION: Make it clear from the start that your rendezvous are strictly off the record.


3. THE POP UP VISITOR. It is no way that you can just “bump” into someone more than 5 times a day without trying. If you see her popping up at the most odd places throughout the day, this is not a coincidence, this is a hazard sign. SOLUTION: Stop broadcasting every place you are at on the internet, because she might be lurking.


2. THE EARLY ASTROLOGER. Some people are good with making predictions, some are even legendary. The girl you just met is neither… especially when she is trying to allude to “your future.” If she is telling you that she gets the sense that you are the one and marriage material within the first few days, don’t be flattered…be concerned. SOLUTION: Be very straight forward with your intentions ASAP without coming off as a jerk.


1. THE ATTORNEY AT LAW.  Dating someone should not feel like a life or death situation, nor should it be an ultimatum. But if you find that she is making it seem like an all or nothing scenario, watch out!  Situations like this can get real tricky and it seems like emotions can run high. If you make the wrong move…you might get dealt with, literally. SOLUTION: Terminate the relationship very soon if you feel such force of interaction.

  • “Dave”

    Am I the only one that would genuinely enjoy a girl stalking me