Top 5 Date Things Guys Shouldn’t Do At All!


Here are the Top 5 date things guys shouldn’t do at all if you actually intend on going on another one again. Because as much as you think dressing your best and smelling good is a must…it’s the other little things that you might be doing that won’t get you a call back.


5. COMPLAIN ABOUT PRICES. Yes, food prices are getting high and yes, we are in a recession: but one thing you don’t wanna come off as is the cheapest guy in the world. If you act as if you don’t know how to splurge a little, it could imply that you are stingy about other things…which won’t help you in the end. Solution: check out the prices of the menu/activities before hand, and budget accordingly.


4. DRESS TO OVER-IMPRESS. If you think dressing tacky is a problem, image dressing too decked out. Wearing a suit out to the movies or a tuxedo to a hole in the wall doesn’t make you classy, but awkward. You don’t wanna make your date feel uncomfortable by being to flashy or overdressed. Every date doesn’t require your Rolex from Chinatown or your Italian loafers…dress according to location. Solution: Follow the mode of dress for the setting (casual for chill spots, formal for ballroom-types).


3. DON’T EXPECT TO PAY Yes, you should. No exceptions, no excuses. If you expect to make the ultimate impression, it is a must. Even if your date offers to pay, take that as a friendly gesture and still take the bill. If you go 50/50 on the first date, then expect 50/50 on a lot of other things as well. Solution: Try to suggest the date venue yourself.


2. SET A TIME LIMIT If you plan to take someone on a date, do not watch the clock. If it looks like you have to fit them in your “busy” schedule on the first date, that sets the tone for what could be a bad relationship. Telling someone that you’re with them on a Friday night means exactly at: a night. Not 7 pm-10 Pm or till midnight. Just simply expect that the date could go past the clock striking 12 and that might not be just a bad thing.


1. GETTING AHEAD OF YOURSELF Nothing pisses your date off than asking “so what are your plans later tonight” at the beginning. There is no getting past how advantageous you sound and how desperate you are to skip the socializing and hop in the sheets. Let the date flow naturally and see where it goes near conclusion, you might just be surprised. Solution: Wait for body language and motions from your date LATER to ask, it’s only right.