Science Argues: Does The G-Spot Exist?

It seems like once every few weeks some scientist decides it’s time to say that the female G-spot does or doesn’t exist. And every couple of weeks I wonder why scientists, with their gleaming records dating super models and the egregious amounts of sex I’m sure they’re having, are the ones debating the G-spot. Shouldn’t we be focusing on making dogs glow in the dark or something?

We’re brought the age-old debate this week by a gynecologist in Florida who says he has successfully dissected an old deceased lady’s vagina and found the famed G-spot. Doctor Ostrzenski says the G-spot is a small grape like collection of tissues at the frontal part of the vagina, but other professionals seem to doubt his findings. To back up Ostrzenski, another interesting study published says that we shouldn’t be searching for a G-spot but rather a G-Crest of sensitive spots. When testing the G-Crest theory, 10 of 27 subjects (37%) we’re induced to orgasm.

Studies also conclude that “without a doubt” the G-spot does not exist and that it’s just a feeling some girls get. However, reading the study it seems like the scientists very much want to believe that it does exist. But I know you’re reading wondering well what do you think, Jack? And here’s my theory: it’s real and it isn’t. Listen, I’m 100% behind having a scientific explanation for things but sometimes miracles happen. And the G-spot just might be our little daily miracle. All women are different – some get off to a slight breeze, some wouldn’t get off even if Fabio was in bed with them telling them they’re the most gorgeous girl in the world (Is Fabio still a referenceabale pop-culture reference?). Some chicks are just more sensitive than others and that’s the bottom line.

But one thing that all these yes or no studies conclude is that the G-spot is usually located on the upper inside of the vaginal wall so here’s my thought: it can’t hurt to try, right? Maybe she does have a G-spot, maybe she doesn’t. Maybe the G-spot is a real thing and maybe the G-spot is just a miracle for some girls. You know the area it’s located, I know you know the movement, so give it a go – what could it hurt? If people have been reporting stimulating a G-spot since the 11th Century and the Kama Sutra talks about it, I’d say it’s worth a poke. But enough about my opinion: what do you think? Does it exist?