Connie Cice – Featured Model

Hey everyone my name is Connie Cc <3
I am from Toronto Ontario Canada, born and raised. I’m a fun loving, jolly, happy girl who loves to smile and be a little goofy sometimes, well maybe most of the time.
But when it comes to modeling, it’s all business! I love posing and interacting with the many people that are involved. I have been coined to be a girl with a 1000 different looks and I feel that stems from my nature in being very spontaneous and random!

I started modeling in the import tuner culture with such companies as Nissan nation and Team Toyo Street. I’ve learned many things from this particular culture which has helped me grow tremendously. Over the past year, using what I learned from the tuner culture, I have moved into fashion/runway modeling. Something that I also love very much! But it goes more than just dressing up in pretty clothes with pretty make up. The fashion industry is something I feel very passionate about as I have done shows for such designers as Joy couture, Coltia Sexy etc… and truly feel a connection to this industry.

But for me it’s a lifestyle more than working as a model because of the amount of fun I have doing it. The whole experience of a runway show excites me! I hope to continually grow as a model and of course as a person. I am the type of girl who loves to experience new things and not afraid to make some mistakes along the way and learn from those mistakes. A motto in which I have always lived by is live the life you love and love the life u live! I hope you enjoy my site! Don’t be afraid to shoot me a massage anytime!

Connie Cindy C ♥

  • philly

    did u get permission to post this feature?