Appetite vs Hunger


Appetite vs Hunger. The difference between the two is; appetite is a desire for food and hunger is the physical need for food. Let’s discuss what is actually going on, with the body, during these two events. 

If you cannot recognize the difference between the two, this is likely why your waist size keeps increasing. Simple solution? “Listen to your body, and stop eating so damn much!” Hunger can be tamed by eating a sandwich. Appetite; on the other hand, keeps your hand dipping in the Lays chip bag after the sandwich, and is responsible for that extra baggage around your thighs. Appetite; a conditioned response to the look and smell of food, makes you want to eat four cookies, instead of a cup of steamed broccoli. At this time you need to practice self control!!


Let’s talk about hunger now. When hunger occurs chemical changes are taking place. The blood glucose (the cell’s energy source) level begins to diminish, this happens several hours after eating. The physical evidence; that you are hungry, is quite obvious “The infamous growl”! This usually takes place at the most inconvenient/embarrassing time. Why does this happen? Your stomach is always churning and this is called peristalsis. When your stomach is empty it is essentially churning air. This growl from your stomach is basically saying: “Hey Betch, feed me!” This is when you are actually hungry. Other symptoms include being light-headed, tired, or having a slight headache. You are probably thinking, “this is a miserable state to be in!”. My advice to avoid it: make sure to eat a sensible portion every three to four hours.


That being said, I am a girl, and about 10% of my day is spent on Pinterest, and well, I came across a very awesome quote, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. There is so much focus about food in today’s world, when in reality we should take that focus into something else, something productive. Get a hobby, mine is running, which is a HUGE stress reliever and makes my legs fine. So, next time you are reaching into that cupboard make sure it is because your stomach actually told you so and it is going to benefit your body, not just your taste buds.