McKayla Maroney VS Kate Upton Dougieing Everybody Wins

The Incumbent

The Challenger
This is a tough battle ladies and gentlemen. On one hand we’ve got The good ol’ Kate Upton, arguably the best dougier in the game. On the other we have Mckayla Maroney¬†with just a stellar dougie challenge. Clearly both of these girls studied Bring

Mckayla Maroney not impressed (10)

McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed Takes The Web By Storm

So Mckayla Maroney’s “bitch face” went absolutely viral this week and spawned a Tumblr named Mckayla Maroney Is Not Impressed, and it’s pretty beautiful. With the debut of Maroney’s dougie going viral again this week we thought it might be time to look at some of the best images

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Is the Jordyn Wieber / Aly Raismann Interview Bad?

If you hadn’t heard by now, a big upset in the gymnastic world today as Jordyn Wieber, the 2011 Women’s champ, was eliminated in an odd way by a small misstep. In the competition, teams of 5 compete from each country but only two athletes are allowed to advance

U.S. Olympic Team 2012

China Takes Sneaky Lead In Olympics By Making America’s Uniforms

Big news in the Olympic sphere today and yesterday as it’s come through the wire that these interesting double-breasted, wanna-be-sailor, are-those-French-hats, Ralph Lauren outfits that our superhero Olympic men and women will be dawning this year have been produced in China. Very sneaky, China. Way to get in out


Olympics Athlete Poses Nude To Fund Dreams

Maya Nakanishi, a Japanese  sprinter, has created a nude calendar featuring her body and prosthetic leg to fund her training and entry in the 2012 London Paralympics. Nakanishi holds the Japanese record for 200 meter as well as the long jump. check out a few of her images from the


Paid to Play?

Recent comments about U.S. participation in the Olympics have set off a hotly contested debate. More specifically, NBA members Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen have condoned the notion that professional basketball players should be paid to participate in the Olympic summer games, a sentiment shared by owner Mark