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Is the Jordyn Wieber / Aly Raismann Interview Bad?

If you hadn’t heard by now, a big upset in the gymnastic world today as Jordyn Wieber, the 2011 Women’s champ, was eliminated in an odd way by a small misstep. In the competition, teams of 5 compete from each country but only two athletes are allowed to advance to the All-Around Final. Basically the teams are competing against themselves as well as the other countries. Wieber, the defending champ, had a great run, but two of her competitors beat her out – thus qualifying them for the All-Around Final. But adding insult to injury, this video has been floating around today showing the way the post-match interviewers framed the interview. That’s Wieber bascially falling apart right behind Raismann as she gives her “this was great, we all did great” routine. The coach put out a Facebook message saying it’s unfair to penalize athletes for being extremely good, but that he was upset Wieber didn’t qualify. Seems like rules are rules, but what do you think?

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