12 Hottest Links On The Web

12 Hottest Links On The Web

Here are the 12 hottest links on the web from our friends, check them out! They’re filled with stories, videos and pictures.

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Mikayla Carr Will Make you Wish You Lived In San Diego via Sandiego12.com

Watch These Girls Sweat  (VIDEO) via Tempe12.com

Muscle Girl Bubble Butts via Bugehoob.com

Iphone 6 Fast Facts via heavy.com

Ads That Will Catch Your Attention via Collegepoison.com

30 Useless Facts You Need To Know via COED Magaz

Bike Trick Fail (VIDEO)via DoubleViking

Dodgeball 2? via Soletron

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12 Hottest Links On The Web

12 Hottest Links On The Web

Here are the 12 hottest links on the web from our friends, check them out! They’re filled with stories, videos and pictures.

Yacht accident Yacht Videos Video Games Video Game uofa University of Arizona TMNT textbook12 T.M.N.T Strip Club Etiquette Strip Club Side Boob Shelby Gobbin School Spirit Regina Augter Pro Sport Cheerleader Plastic Surgery Fail Plastic Surgery Pink Men make your own beer Madrid UCL Match Madrid Macool Lucky People Hot news Gia Marie Macool college girls cheerleaders cheerleader outfits Cheating Death Caviar King Caviar brooke bolek Brew Beer Boob Big Fish Beer Ball Boy 12 hottest links

Tempe12’s Newest Member via Tempe12.com

Lydia’s Favorite Sport via Sandiego12.com

Tasha Collins, Aussie Dream Girl via Bugehoob.com

Ferrari Prank  (VIDEO) via heavy.com

Have A Passion For Cars? via Collegepoison.com

Alison Brie Collage via COED Magazine.

BroScience, Pick Up Girls At The Gym (VIDEO) via DoubleViking

Girls Love Beyonce via Soletron

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Kimberly Schuyler – Featured Model

Hi! My name is Kimberly Schuyler (Sky-ler) and I live in Tampa, Florida. I graduated from Florida State University in December of 2009 on the Deans List with a double major in Finance and Real Estate. I started modeling in the Summer of 08 and I absolutely love it. I am very ambitious and motivated and enjoy being successful, but of course I like have fun along the way. I swear I am married to my computer.. BUT I also enjoy going to the beach, traveling, working out, meeting new people, cooking, and watching movies. I love trying new things and getting to be a part of them!

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Lisa Zee (2)

Lisa Zee – Featured Model

My name is Lisa Zee, I’m a 20 year old model from Cleveland, OH trying to break barriers in the industry being a heavily tattooed woman. I’d love to be in every tattoo magazine I can find and also transcend into more mainstream magazines such a MAXIM and FHM. When I’m not modeling I’m studying for a PHD in Zoology and taking care of my three pit bulls! I love the outdoors and I love to travel when my schedule allows it 🙂

* P!nk Elite Promotional Staffing Company
* Helping Heal Heros Charity spokesmodel
* Inked Girls Magazine “INKED GIRL OF THE DAY” 4/11/12
* NOS Import Face Off promotional model 4/22/12
* www.93x.com “Hot Girl of the Day” 4/25/12
* Angels Playpen Magazine 5/1/12
* WWS Magazine 5/6/12
* Sullen Clothing “Angel” 5/14/12
* TheBasedUpdate.com “Based Beauty” 5/17/12
* FiXe magazine 5/25/12
* Central City Ink Magazine VOL. 5 5/25/12
* Soletron “Honey of the Day” 5/29/12
* Snapmatter Magazine 6/12
* Walktheplankmag interview 6/21/12
* Gross Magazine Cover Model- July 2012
* Coedmagazine.com “Miss Coed” 7/31/12
* Petite Alternative Magazine 8/1/2012
* Body-Rockin Model of the Day 8/13/12
* Skullbunnie Bunnie of the week on 8/29/12
* Sexy Ink 8 page spread and interview August 2012
* Smokescreen Magazine Cover September 2012
* Kaboom Magazine 8/22/12
* Skin & Ink magazine S&I DOLLS –TBA
* NLM feature– TBA
* Cats Meow Magazine —TBA

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Ashley Alexiss – Feature Model

To cure your curiosity, Ashley Alexiss, is definitely not your average professional model. Along with being the very first blonde Miss Social of Playboy with the title of Playboy Miss Social February 2011 she’s also Miss Cintron Energy 2012, Hemigirl of the year 2012, and Miss Poker Centerfold 2011. She is a full time student & full time model. She is never part time with anything she does. She says, “If I’m part-time with something, I wouldn’t be putting my 100% into it, well at least that’s how I see it.”

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Hollie Nilsson – Feature Model

Hollie Nilsson has been modelling since she was 16 but only recently took it up as a full time career, whilst also juggling her studies on the path to becoming a primary school teacher. In the past year and a half Hollies reputation has grown as a very professional and down to earth Australian Glamour Model completing work for numerous well known and respected agencies. Hollie grew up in a country town which has obviously contributed to her down to earth, easy to work with nature and after becoming a finalist and then going on to win the 2012 ZOO Cover Girl Competition Hollie has made the move to Melbourne CBD and then to the Gold Coast, QLD to broaden her horizons and pursue her modelling career. She has big goals and hopes for 2012 and is looking forward to working hard to achieve them.

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Jessie Yang – Feature Model

I have been modelling for 2 years now and I’ve done a bit of everything, from glamour to fashion, to lifestyle/commercial and beauty.creatives. I’ve always had a passion for acting and I find that modelling and acting are similar in that in both aspects you need to be versatile and be able to convey a variety of looks. My goal in modelling is to explore as much as I can, learn from all the experiences and self develop as an artist. I do believe that modelling is not only about taking pretty pictures, it is much more than that! A good model can tell a story with every picture, and that is my goal as a model. 🙂

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Jade Fairbrother – Feature Model

I am a Southern suburbs lass that was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. With 25 years under my belt, I am doing everything I can to make a lasting imprint on this planet before my time is up. I am a grounded individual whom many love and some love to hate. I am a free spirit with a cunning wit. I like my spoiled lifestyle – the conditioning of an only child upbringing with the help of a private school education.

Having known my mother was a model in her teen years, I always aspired to follow in her footsteps. Although being scouted on several occasions, the timing was never right for me and thus never actually pursued a professional modeling career until completing school. It has proven to be much harder leaving it as late as I have, but with hard work I have thankfully still been able to make a success of it.

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Kirsty Lee – Featured Model

Hi guys,

Ive been modeling for over 10 years and have experienced many different fields in the industry such as catwalks shows, photographic and editorial shoots and even public speaking about my modelling.

My ultimate goal for me would be, being featured on the COVER of magazines world wide, I have succeeded in Australia with appearing on the cover of Zoo and Live to Ride and also featured inside, RALPH, ZOO, Heavy Duty, Apollo, Stroke, Ironman, and my first International mag – Kandy Magazine 🙂

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Danisa1 (10)

Danisa Skwarczynski – Feature Model

My name is Danisa I go by Danisa Denae in the modelling community, I was contacted by Textbook12 to submit 🙂 So I am very excited to have this opportunity! I am Canadian and turn 16 on Sept14th this year! I have been modelling for 8 months now and just got featured on VogueITALIA’s PhotoVOGUE. I dream to one day be the next Pam Anderson or Ashley Alexiss. Marilyn Monroe has inspired me for years now. My bedroom is full of her and I’ve been told I look a lot like her but thats for you to decide! haha. I love doing PinUp modelling , Pinup is the funnest thing out there! I’ve always been a huge fan of playboy, of course I being only 16 just found out about playboy two years ago but ever since I’ve loved it! I’ve seen every Girls Next Door Episode and even got the privilege of getting to visit the Playboy store in Las Vegas last Summer at the Palm’s Hotel. My room is designed half Playboy half Marilyn Monroe. I am really looking forward to the places Modelling will take me.

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