50 Great Guitar Riffs from the Early 90s by Jocelyn Pelichet - YouTube

50 Great Guitar Riffs from the Early ’90s

So YouTuber Jocelyn Pelichet¬†has taken50 of the greatest and most recognizable songs from the 1990’s and put them into one face melting video with him playing lead and rhythm. It’s actually a pretty sweet video. I think he gets bonus points for the semi-hollow he used to play so many 90’s metal songs. Do you¬†want some bonus points? Cover the name of the songs and try and guess them as you hear them…if you’re old enough for that kind of thing.

1990s Problems - i have no idea how to fold this map back up

1990s Problems Might Be Our Favorite New Meme

If you understand the references this meme makes, you’re definitely on the right website. There’s even more delicious ’90sness at Quickmeme.