Attaloss is a modern rock band from Los Angeles, CA. The members come from all over the globe with a vast array of influences that include – Muse, Anberlin, Nightwish, Beatles, Radiohead, etc… Danny (Honduras), Matt (Pittsburgh), Chris (New York), Dakota (Colorado) and Zo (Phoenix) all followed their dream of having a solid band toward Los Angeles and formed in 2011. They put their collective backgrounds to good use and recorded their debut album in 2012 under Rock Ridge / Warner Music Group. The album hit 5 charts on Billboard including #1 Alternative New Artist and #5 Heatseekers. They hit the road for 6 months+ in 2012 and are currently receiving airplay on 26 radio stations for their single “Open Door”.

Attaloss has an extremely energetic live show and a really close relationship with their fans. Their fanbase (known as The Alliance) range all over the globe – 16K twitter fans, 5.5K fans facebook, 150K youtube channel views. They are going to continue off of the momentum thus far and begin working on their followup album at the end of 2012.