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Top 5 Date Things Guys Shouldn’t Do At All!

Here are the Top 5 date things guys shouldn’t do at all if you actually intend on going on another one again. Because as much as you think dressing your best and smelling good is a must…it’s the other little things that you might be doing that won’t get you a call back.

5. COMPLAIN ABOUT PRICES. Yes, food prices are getting high and yes, we are in a recession: but one thing you don’t wanna come off as is the cheapest guy in the world. If you act as if you don’t know how to splurge a little, it could imply that you are stingy about other things…which won’t help you in the end. Solution: check out the prices of the menu/activities before hand, and budget accordingly.

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Kimberly Mc Rose Featured Model

My Name is Kimberly I’m polish and I live in Europe Austria (Vienna) my passion is country Music and I love to model. I´m 177cm tall and love to enjoy my life. My biggest dream is moving to the United States and modeling there!


Kayleigh Bowser Featured Model

Hi, I’m kayleigh, I’m 20, I am a Lingerie/swimwear model from the UK. I have been modelling for over 2 years now I enjoy every aspect of it! I am also trained in palliative care, and hoping to train to be a midwife someday.

Claire Muzik

Claire Muzik Feature Model

lots of plans… I believe. Priority is to expand in US with completely new marketing and my new stunning website (coming soon) along with lots of great and funny stuff for my fans. Also to get in touch with many new fans over the whole world. I´m currently also in MAXIM´s Hometown Hotties in US as well as in the Czech Republic so I would like to win those contests


Airica Michelle Feature Model

Hello! My name is Airica Michelle. I want to create such amazing images that every person who sees them wants to hang one in their place. I’ve been published in Petite Alternative, Glam Rock, Teen Spirit Magazine (cover), and Front. Soon to be published in Prick and Rabid Girls.


Missy Cool Feature Model

Hello my name is Missy Cool. My full-time gig is being a nurse… taking care of our Nations Vet’s!! In my spare time you will find me modeling, which I adore!! I have been a painted lady at several mansion parties, and have been in several publications. You never know where you will see me next 😉


Saven Mi Feature Model

I’d love to achieve as much as I can in my modeling career such as traveling the world for photo shoots, modeling for various companies and one day landing magazine covers.

I’ve been featured on:

Lion Den’s U Morning Mistress 2012
Foyeh Production’s Miss Leo 2012
Soletron Honey April 2012
Top Asian Models March 2012
Modified Scene March 2012
Mr. Dreamz Magazine March 2012
FKN’ Famous FKN’ Hottie February 2012
Angel’s Playpen Febuary 2012
Virile Men’s Magazine December 2011
Complex Rides Girl December 2011
Plunder Guide 2011
The Snoring Tiger 2011
Nutekspeed Automotive Magazine October 2011 Featured Model September 2011 Featured Model August 2011
Best Damn Model August 2011
Nitroblitz Hot Chick of the Day August 2011
Intuned Online Featured Model August 2011
Poging Pogi Lang Babe of the Month July 2011
Mergeby Weekly Model July 2011
Bandini Pinup Girl #156 July 2011
So Fine Magazine June/July 2011
Body-Rockin Model 2011 Featured Model 2011
Toronto SUNshine Girl February 2011
Fixe Magazine 2010

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Susan Coffey Feature Model

My name is Susan Coffey. I have been freelance modeling for three years. I am still only a part time model and my goal is to turn it into my life.
I was am blessed with an upcoming cover and spread for Maxim en Espanol and hope that opportunities like this are just beginning.


USC vs UCLA: The Cheerleader Battle of LA

Los Angeles, the city of angels. Home to two of the country’s most prestigious universities USC and UCLA, these cheerleaders are both brain and beauty. Always competing in sports and life, the football rivalry, The Battle for the Victory Bell is one of the marquee rivalries in LA. While USC has an upper hand in the rivalry with a record of 46-28-7 against UCLA, the real competition comes from the sidelines where the storied UCLA Song Girls and the UCLA Bruin Cheerleaders are among some of the nation’s hottest cheerleaders. But which are hotter? Take a look at the gallery and see for yourself.

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Crystal Lynne Feature Model

Since I was in 7th grade I’ve wanted to be a Playboy Playmate. It’s been my dream to be recognized as a model who is comfortable in nothing but her own skin. I’ve always wanted to be in Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated, Strobe and tons of other magazines that promote girls who feel sexy and comfortable in something as little as a bikini. Someday I want to make it big and shoot for campaigns such as PETAs I’d rather go naked then wear fur campaign and the NOH8 Campaign. I want to be looked up to.

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