Where To See Hollywood’s Hottest Actresses

We hear a lot about Hollywood being in decline. People say the movie
industry is out of ideas, that sequels and re-makes are too prevalent,
and even that the Hollywood elite are aging out without any all-star
replacements on the way. But whether or not you buy into these ideas,
one thing remains true about Hollywood: its leading ladies are as
stunning as ever. Here’s a quick rundown of some of Hollywood’s
hottest female stars, and where you’ll see them in 2013.

Olga Kurylenko – The stunning Quantam Of Solace Bond girl hasn’t yet dived

fully into film, which means, unfortunately, she’s not very present one the
screen. However, Kurylenko does appear in this year’s sci-fi adventure film
Oblivion starring Tom Cruise, playing a mysterious woman who crash lands on
a futuristic Earth supposedly devoid of human life.

Jennifer Lawrence – The recent Best Actress winner, on the contrary, will
have a very busy 2013, which is just fine with her millions of fans. In
addition to starring in the Hunger Games sequel, Lawrence will appear in
Devil You Know, Serena, and American Hustle, and if she’s any bit as lovely
in these films as she was in Silver Linings Playbook, we’ll be lining up
to watch.

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Hottest Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2012

Halloween is just the best time of the year. You get to dress up and be someone who you aren’t, attend multiple parties with your friends, and enjoy pumpkin flavored beer. Thankfully our generation has realized how important Halloween really is, and it has evolved to become Halloweekend. That’s right-Halloween is no longer a one day holiday, it has been extended to last anywhere from four to five days, and Hollywood is no exception.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton gave Hollywood a sexy Halloweek this year dressing up in multiple costumes. Kim shared a picture of her cheetah costume on Twitter that led to 3,000 re-tweets that day. When is comes to Lucy Hale, I’m not sure what she was thinking when she bought a pink unicorn costume…you would think being a celebrity actress, she would have a more elaborate costume at hand. Speaking of elaborate costumes…now that Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) are official they attended a party in duo costumes as a mermaid and sailor. Kim was not looking herself with the long blonde locks, but the tight and slick mermaid tail made her look like she came right out of the water.

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Danielle Smith2

Danielle Smith – Featured Model

Hello my name is Danielle Smith!

Age: 21 Height: 5′ 6″ Weight: 120 lbs Bust: 34″ Waist: 27″ Hips: 34″ Dress: 3 Shoe: 7.5 Hair color: Dark Brown/Black Hair length: Long Eye color: Brown Ethnicity: White

I love to laugh. I love cars and motorcycles. considered a “car / import model” ♥ Just trying to get my name out there. I am in New York, I have a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Full-time student and work full-time 🙂 Always down to try new concepts and ideas!

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Kayla Ann Walker4

Kayla Ann Walker – Featured Model

Born feb. 24th 1990. A Ukrainian German Canadian. I live in British Columbia at the moment:). My real name is Kayla Ann Walker but my nickname is ” Lalaa ” because my little brother used to not be able to pronounce my name so he called me Lalaa, as well my grandmother till ths day still calls me Kay-lalaa! I consider myself an Artistic Model due to the nature of my shoots. I love to create & work on up and coming projects! Im always on the go so i find little to no time for hobbies, though id love to get some paints soon and start painting my dreams:). Goals and Ambitions, well I’ve always said and planned to be successful by age 25, so im still on perfect track! I dont have any children and view my fans as my family. I want to help me, my family, all my fans & supporters! I def see community help. towards abuse programs!. Fav Quote- ” I dream, therefore I am “. This has been my favorite quote ever since I can remember. At one point I even thought of getting it tattoo’d on me in Ukrainian writing. xo

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2013 Victorias Secret Swim Suit Photos

Thanks to paparazzi, fans have a sneak peek to the 2013 Victorias Secret Swimsuit catalogue. Their shoot was held in Miami, where the weather is perfect and the lighting is just right. Where else better to lounge for a beach photoshoot?


Bikini Fails: The Ultimate Compilation

The best clips of bikini-clad girls doing idiotic things, all in one video. Come for the bikinis. Stay for the fails.


Kimberly Schuyler – Featured Model

Hi! My name is Kimberly Schuyler (Sky-ler) and I live in Tampa, Florida. I graduated from Florida State University in December of 2009 on the Deans List with a double major in Finance and Real Estate. I started modeling in the Summer of 08 and I absolutely love it. I am very ambitious and motivated and enjoy being successful, but of course I like have fun along the way. I swear I am married to my computer.. BUT I also enjoy going to the beach, traveling, working out, meeting new people, cooking, and watching movies. I love trying new things and getting to be a part of them!

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Lisa Zee (2)

Lisa Zee – Featured Model

My name is Lisa Zee, I’m a 20 year old model from Cleveland, OH trying to break barriers in the industry being a heavily tattooed woman. I’d love to be in every tattoo magazine I can find and also transcend into more mainstream magazines such a MAXIM and FHM. When I’m not modeling I’m studying for a PHD in Zoology and taking care of my three pit bulls! I love the outdoors and I love to travel when my schedule allows it 🙂

* P!nk Elite Promotional Staffing Company
* Helping Heal Heros Charity spokesmodel
* Inked Girls Magazine “INKED GIRL OF THE DAY” 4/11/12
* NOS Import Face Off promotional model 4/22/12
* www.93x.com “Hot Girl of the Day” 4/25/12
* Angels Playpen Magazine 5/1/12
* WWS Magazine 5/6/12
* Sullen Clothing “Angel” 5/14/12
* TheBasedUpdate.com “Based Beauty” 5/17/12
* FiXe magazine 5/25/12
* Central City Ink Magazine VOL. 5 5/25/12
* Soletron “Honey of the Day” 5/29/12
* Snapmatter Magazine 6/12
* Walktheplankmag interview 6/21/12
* Gross Magazine Cover Model- July 2012
* Coedmagazine.com “Miss Coed” 7/31/12
* Petite Alternative Magazine 8/1/2012
* Body-Rockin Model of the Day 8/13/12
* Skullbunnie Bunnie of the week on 8/29/12
* Sexy Ink 8 page spread and interview August 2012
* Smokescreen Magazine Cover September 2012
* Kaboom Magazine 8/22/12
* Skin & Ink magazine S&I DOLLS –TBA
* NLM feature– TBA
* Cats Meow Magazine —TBA

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Ashley Alexiss – Feature Model

To cure your curiosity, Ashley Alexiss, is definitely not your average professional model. Along with being the very first blonde Miss Social of Playboy with the title of Playboy Miss Social February 2011 she’s also Miss Cintron Energy 2012, Hemigirl of the year 2012, and Miss Poker Centerfold 2011. She is a full time student & full time model. She is never part time with anything she does. She says, “If I’m part-time with something, I wouldn’t be putting my 100% into it, well at least that’s how I see it.”

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Brit Bliss

I’m Brit Bliss I’m 5’3″, 110 lb 24-year-old model/mom living Olympia, WA. I have super long brown hair & unique blue eyes. I spend my freetime gaming (SWTOR is awesome!), cooking, or being lazy at the beach. I’m also a nationally published model who has worked with Maxim, FIGHT! Magazine, Optimum Nutrition, American Body Building, and more.

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