Need Some Ideas For Poker Night?

Planning to host a poker night party for your friends? There are many things you need to consider when doing that such as the food to serve, the gaming materials and the furniture arrangement. Of course you want that night to be comfortable for everyone, but you also want


790 Calorie Breakfast Sandwich-Delicious but Evil

The new “Donut Burger” breakfast sandwich of California-based burger chain Slater’s 50/50 adds up to a whopping 790 calories, according to the LiveStrong calorie counter. The sandwich contains a beef patty and egg surrounded by two glazed donuts, which adds up to a whole lot of working out on the

Wheat bread

The Truth About Carbs

The truth about carbs: If you have any experience in the world of fad diets, you have most likely heard of “The Atkins diet”. For the those of you who do not know, The Atkins Diet makes carbs look like the black plague of food, that will also make you

bad date

Top 5 Date Things Guys Shouldn’t Do At All!


Here are the Top 5 date things guys shouldn’t do at all if you actually intend on going on another one again. Because as much as you think dressing your best and smelling good is a must…it’s the other little things that you might be doing that won’t get

Big appetite

Appetite vs Hunger

Appetite vs Hunger. The difference between the two is; appetite is a desire for food and hunger is the physical need for food. Let’s discuss what is actually going on, with the body, during these two events. 

If you cannot recognize the difference between the two, this


The Dirty Dozen – Organic Food Style

Eating healthy now a day can be complicated, and eating organic can be even more complicated. Should we eat organic food? Are all organic foods created equal? Will organic foods fit my budget? All great questions in the fight to stay fit, below I am going to breakdown the


JSTK – The Place To Go For All Your Jell-O Shot Needs

Forget boring old jell-o shots in boring plastic cups. If you want to impress the ladies and make them forget how drunk they’re actually getting, feed them some of these delicious concoctions.
Jelly Shot Test Kitchen  (If you’re wondering about the name, my friend who did a study abroad


Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seed

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seed – Jeremy Scott PROLAB Athlete

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia…..Chia Pet! Come on you guys know the song, remember those amazing commercials? Ok, maybe I dating myself here and no, we are not talking about Chia Pets but we are talking Chia Seed.
These amazing little seeds have been around for


Pizza Hut </3 Subway

Nothing is better than when one company directly insults another in their ads, and Pizza Hut is doing just that in their new ad campaign. The pizza company is introducing their new P’Zolo which is essentially a toasted sub. The available flavors are Meat Trio, Buffalo Chicken and Italian Steak, and

pizza resized

The Frozen Pizza Diaries: The Freschetta Brick Oven Edition

In the Frozen Pizza Diaries, writer Mary Kate Lau eats a bunch of different frozen pizzas and tells you what she thinks. This time: Freschetta Brick Oven Three Meat.
When it comes to pizza, brick oven is a fantastic word. Nothing compares to a brick oven pizza. It transports

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