How to Survive a Bar Crawl

Five tips to surviving a bar crawl:

Bar crawl tonight? Here are a few things you can do to make tomorrow suck a little less.

  1. Drink a glass of milk before you go out.

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    Milk is like Mother Nature’s Pepto-Bismol. It’s just more of a preemptive strike than a hangover cure. Drinking a glass of milk before you begin your bar crawl will coat the lining of your stomach and slow the absorption of alcohol. This should ensure that you get through at least the first two bars with your friends.

  2. Drink your vitamins.

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    Drinks like Vitamin Water XXX, Vitamin Water Revive and Vita Coco are packed with B vitamins, vitamin C and electrolytes that help your body stay healthy, hydrated and minimize hangovers. Try drinking one before going out, before bed and the next day.

  3.  At the bar, choose bottled beer over draft.
    Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.netSome people claim that draft beer increases your hangover the following day. While this has never been proven, bottles can help you keep the amount of alcohol you consume down without anyone noticing. Think about it. A beer is a beer whether you prefer bottle or draft, but if you are going to ten bars in one day, 10 draft pints = 16 oz of beer and 10 typical bottles = 120oz of beer. Bottles will drop your intake by 4 oz, which could make quite the impact on the following day’s activities.
  4. Drink Guinness.

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    Look like a real man while keeping your alcohol percentage down by drinking Guinness at the bars. Guinness has the reputation of being a high-alcohol content, heavy beer, but try one. It’s smooth, light and only 4% alcohol. So while all your friends will think you’re a real man, you’ll have a better chance of partying through the night.

  5. Try a Summer Shandy.

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    Have you hit that point in your warrior-crawl where you can barely stomach any more drinking? You need a light, refreshing beer to sober-up on: a Summer Shandy. They’re lower in alcohol percentage – depending on the brand they vary anywhere from 2% – 4% – and they have a nice refreshing lemonade or Sprite flavor that will help revive you and drag you across the finish line.



There you have it. A few tricks to surviving your next bar crawl and minimizing your hangover to the point where you just might make it outside while the sun’s up. What’s that, my suggestions are for sissies? You have no intention of surviving your next bar crawl? Then check back for my upcoming article: How to be a Bro and destroy friendships during a bar crawl.

  • mitch

    Thanks for the actual advice, instead of just some fluff list of obvious tips… “don’t get separated from your friends!” etc…

    • mitch

      and happy st pattys