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Top 5 Date Things Guys Shouldn’t Do At All!


Here are the Top 5 date things guys shouldn’t do at all if you actually intend on going on another one again. Because as much as you think dressing your best and smelling good is a must…it’s the other little things that you might be doing that won’t get


I’ll have a Tampon on the Rocks, Please

All of us have done some “under the radar” stuff during our childhood, going into Mission Impossible mode in an attempt to keep things from our parents and teachers. It was always easier to do what we were supposed to do and follow the rules; that is always


How to Survive a Bar Crawl

Five tips to surviving a bar crawl:

Bar crawl tonight? Here are a few things you can do to make tomorrow suck a little less.

Drink a glass of milk before you go out.
Milk is like Mother Nature’s Pepto-Bismol. It’s just more of a preemptive strike than


Starbucks Does NOT Hate the Troops, You Guys.

Also, learn how to take a screen shot and stop taking pictures of your computer with your phone!! Anyway… This little picture has been making its way around Facebook recently(even though this rumor dates back to 2005), I read about three sentences and knew it was absolutely made up.


JSTK – The Place To Go For All Your Jell-O Shot Needs

Forget boring old jell-o shots in boring plastic cups. If you want to impress the ladies and make them forget how drunk they’re actually getting, feed them some of these delicious concoctions.
Jelly Shot Test Kitchen  (If you’re wondering about the name, my friend who did a study abroad


What To Drink This Summer

So seeing as the thermometer in my car read 109° earlier this week I guess it’s officially summer. And now that it’s sunny and hot outside it’s time to kick your drinking into summer mode. Jeremiah Weed posted this list of their recommendations for drink of Buzzfeed earlier this


Drink Up

“You need to eat less”, “You need to eat healthier,” blah blah blah. You’ve heard it a thousand times. Fast food and processed products need to be cut from your diet, something you have been repeatedly told. There is so much emphasis on what someone eats, that we


Grilling This Weekend? We’ve Got You Covered.

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of summer around the US of A (here in Arizona, T12 headquarters, it marks the point in Summer where it’s so inconceivably hot you pretty much just give up on wearing pants.)
Memorial Day is also the beginning of cookout season, where people with


Reasonable Beverages


When it’s time to drink, it’s time to let loose. For some, that means “balling out” and spending a considerable amount of money on fancy or high end beverages. However, for most, the object is to have the best time without having to spend a lot of funds.


WWLD (What would a Lawyer Do?)

College is a great time in life in which countless memories are created. Friends are made, beverages consumed, and one is primed and shaped for the rest of their lives from these experiences. As some already know, it isn’t all fun and games; trouble raises its head on